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Drivers, Techs, Canada, and Parking, Oh My!

Appreciation Weeks
Founded in 1998 by the American Trucking Association (ATA), National Truck Driver Appreciation Week runs from September 12th-18th this year. In the best of times, it’s easy to forget who brings almost everything we need to our hospitals, our stores, and our homes. So, it goes without saying, that this past year and a half or so has shown everyone how truckers should not be taken for granted. Give them a friendly wave when you see them on the road.

Lest we forget the people behind the scenes keeping the drivers moving, last year the ATA held the inaugural National Technician Appreciation Week and it returns in 2021 for the second time, from September 19th-25th. As you know, Technicians are the highly-skilled professionals that keep everything moving on-time and safely. Not only is the spotlight welcome and warranted but it also shows off a profession that isn’t as visible as that of the drivers, but is every bit as crucial and essential.

Update: Canada’s ELD Mandate
As discussed in this blog back in April, Canada’s transition to mandatory Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) has been problematic at best. All of Canada’s ELD approvals must run through a third-party certifier and as of their deadline day, June 12th, no devices had been approved for use by the (at the time) sole certification company.

As of today, however, there is one approved device and a third certification company has been cleared to begin work, so progress is being made. But much like with truck manufacturers, the ongoing chip shortage isn’t helping ELD manufacturers get up to speed, but full enforcement of the mandate is still being held back one year to June 12, 2022.

Update: The Persistence of Parking Problems
Just last month, a post on Idealease's blog discussed the ongoing problems drivers are facing when they try to find parking to rest for the day. There was hope that the infrstructure bill the Senate passed in early August would include funds to help curb the issue but again, but it was left out of the bill entirely.

As ever, there is still hope in the U.S. as H.R. 2187 is currently sitting with the Subcommittee on Highways and Transit. With any luck there will be political will to see this resolution passed and signed into law by the President. If not, the parking situation only looks to continue on it’s present course.

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