Idealease CARES

Idealease CARES is a community support recognition program that shine's a light on the collective community service, charitable causes, and the contributions of Idealease Locations across North America.

Our locations are ALREADY deeply involved in charitable causes and community service.  What Idealease CARES does is Shine a Light on those efforts.  To recognize and celebrate a characteristic of Idealease and our dealerships that are unique to our company within our industry.

We demonstrate our Core Value of Stability by regularly giving back to the communities where we do business.  Our locations and our staff provide time, talent and financial assistance to bring about significant change, promote health and wellness, and positively impact the image of Idealease and the commercial truck industry in our communities

Other Services Available to Idealease Customers

  • Dedicated Maintenance
  • Mobile Service (at designated locations)
  • Periodic state and federal inspections
  • Idealnet 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Idealease Fleet Services
    • Idealease Fuel Card with U.S. and Canada fuel tax reporting
    • Vehicle licensing, permitting, legalization
    • Motor Vehicle Report Service
    • Telematics Services
  • Idealsafe Safety & Compliance training and consultation
  • Driver training to reduce driver turnover
  • Replacement rental vehicles
  • Discounted rental vehicles