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badgerland demo days

Badgerland Idealease Electrifies with Successful eMV Demo Days

Badgerland eMV Demo December 2

Following on the heels of the Idealease of Atlanta International eMV kick-off event, Badgerland Idealease electrified the scene throughout December with a series of events. Across all eight of their dealership locations spanning Wisconsin and Illinois, the Badgerland team showcased the cutting-edge eMV from International Trucks.

“There was a great deal of buzz leading up to all the events and our sales force was more than up to the task, providing informational walk-arounds for customers and answering questions,” remarked Rob Durham, Vice President of Marketing and Human Resources for Badgerland.

“This was a great opportunity for both Badgerland Idealease and Lakeside International to showcase the latest vehicle technology from International,” he continued, “and we’re thankful for everyone who was able to attend.” 

Badgerland eMV Demo December 1

Overall, each event was a rousing success throughout the planning, marketing, and execution process. In total, Badgerland’s team introduced more than 2,000 customers to all aspects of the eMV—from the technology to the practical benefits of an electric truck, through to a hands-on driving experience.

“We greatly appreciate being one of the first Idealease affiliates to proudly introduce the latest in International truck engineering,” said Rob. “These were very positive events for both our customers—drivers, technicians, fleet managers—and for Badgerland ourselves.” 

Congratulations to Rob and the whole team at Badgerland for hosting such successful events, and for flexing their eMV expertise for the benefit of their customers!

badgerland demo days

As the momentum builds, the electrifying journey continues. Keep an eye out for upcoming Demo Days in your area, and reach out to your local Idealease affiliate for more information.

Upcoming Demo Days:

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