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Idealease Holds Its First eMV Demo Day

On November 2nd, Idealease invited customers, prospects, and the media to take part in a hands-on experience in Kennesaw, Georgia, with the latest in cutting-edge electric vehicle technology—the International eMV.

Experts and executives from Idealease, International, and Idealease of Atlanta were on hand to welcome everyone and share their knowledge and experience of and with the new truck, the rapidly evolving technology, and the regulations and mandates affecting the industry.


Photo: Adrian Dinu

Our customers look to us to provide our expertise and professional insight as it relates to their fleet of trucks,” said Lance Bertram, Senior Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Distribution at Idealease. “While we were initially hesitant to get involved with zero-emissions technology, once we began hearing serious interest from our customers, we knew the time was right to dive in and get involved.”

Attendees spent the morning learning about the International eMV from Jesus Sosa, the West/Southwest Zero Emissions Manager from Navistar, who explained the functions and capabilities of the new vehicle. “Electric trucks aren’t for every customer, but at the same time, every fleet has a route that is perfect for an electric truck,” he said.

Sosa also highlighted the obvious cost-of-ownership advantages of saving significantly on both fuel and maintenance costs while also noting that battery technology is continuing to improve and evolve at a rapid pace. “When you replace the initial batteries around the five-year mark, it's possible you'll see the performance of the truck improve beyond what it was capable of when new."

Another key message to those in attendance, from both Idealease and International, was how both companies will work with every customer to help them prepare for and deploy eMVs in their own fleets. From facility requirements and charger placement to conversations with utility providers and route analysis, customers will be set up for success from the get-go.

emv truck

Photo: Scott McKenna

After lunch, attendees were treated to a turn behind the wheel as they steered the eMV out on the road for their first experience with the technology. Overall impressions of the truck were excellent with everyone generally agreeing that EV technology has a place in their fleets, whether now or in the future.

Here’s what some participants had to say:

Jeffrey Hulsey – Piedmont Precast

“It was very quiet. Driving this truck, it was a little strange to let off the gas as a form of braking and I found that I almost didn’t have to use the brake pedal at all—regenerative braking seemed to nearly stop the truck on its own.”
“I haven’t really done much investigation into EVs for our business, but I was surprised to hear that the range for an electric tractor trailer is about 275 miles, which is something my company probably has some uses for.
“Looking ahead, I’d like to see more numbers around the cost and the warranty.”

Alonzo Jenkins – Mellow Mushroom

“The driving experience is awesome! I feel like the truck is lighter, nimbler, and a little bit easier to handle without all the chatter from the diesel engine I normally experience when I’m delivering.”
“I really do believe it’s the wave of the future and I see EVs playing a major role in my company’s fleet with the ability to save on fuel, maintenance, and reduce the overall carbon footprint of the company.”

Alan Hensley – Spectra Gutter Systems

“I was very surprised at the acceleration it had, which is much smoother and quicker than we have on a diesel truck.”
“The change is coming, and this (eMV) will help us meet our needs and could have a great role in our business, saving around 75% on fuel costs versus the battery power.”

While appreciating the truck and the technology, the business case for other users isn’t quite there just yet. Navigating difficult terrain or hauling very heavy loads can diminish the battery’s performance and that makes a big difference for some businesses, especially when diesel is still reasonably priced.

Overall, the Idealease Demo Day was a big success and served its purpose as a fantastic way for curious customers to not only hear up-to-date information about EV technology directly from International, but to also ask questions and even be one of the first to take a turn behind the wheel.

If you’d like more information about the International eMV and discuss whether this cutting-edge vehicle is right for your business, please reach out to your local Idealease affiliate to start the conversation.