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Idealnet: Something Certain in Uncertain Times

Certainty in Uncertain Times
Image credit: aomvector/123RF Stock Photo

These days, it’s rare that something can be so truly unexpected as to catch our whole culture unprepared and uncertain. Between the worlds of big data, the internet of things, and global connectivity, it would be easy to think that we can forecast and plan for any possible circumstance. And yet, nature can still surprise us.

It seems like just yesterday, yet it also seems like a lifetime ago, that people started talking about Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). At first, it was a curious news story that felt remote and far away. Then, very quickly, it was labeled a pandemic by the World Health Organization and everyone started scrambling to piece together effective contingencies to protect every part of our lives and our businesses.

It surprised nobody that the commercial trucking industry would be labeled as ‘essential’; of course it is. It was never a question.

Truck drivers are the very life’s blood of our communities, delivering food and groceries to stores that are quickly cleaned out and restocked. They are moving critical, life-saving medicines, medical supplies and equipment to hospitals to help doctors and nurses. Nobody else can do what the drivers are doing right now, and they are putting themselves at risk to do it. They are owed the deepest thanks.

At Idealease, the heart of support and commitment to the drivers and their safety is Idealnet—commercial trucking’s best 24/7 roadside assistance program. Over the last three weeks, Idealnet has quite literally transformed itself in order to continue providing unwavering support for drivers under difficult circumstances.

Idealnet accomplished that feat by quickly transitioning to a remote support model. In a week they sourced equipment, software, and training for each Idealnet team member so that they would be safe, healthy, and always ready to support the drivers. Just one week, folks. Remarkable.

And Idealnet’s service hasn’t missed a beat—90% of calls in are being answered in three minutes or less. That’s truly amazing work from everyone involved, thank you all. Your dedication is something to rely on in an ever-changing time.

Taking Care of Ourselves and Each Other

Not only is the Idealnet team supporting drivers effectively while working remotely, but most Idealease locations are up and running to provide support. We are proud of our locations' commitment to our customers, even in the most challenging circumstances. They are on the front lines working bravely and tirelessly to make sure customers and employees are safe and able to move forward in this time of crisis. Properly sanitizing, disinfecting, and social distancing are just a few examples of the protocols we have seen at each location, as well as additional precautions.

Safely improvising and adapting is the smart and effective way to go, as everyone looks to keep each other healthy and working. Thank you for everything you are doing to keep yourselves, your teammates, and your customers safe. Idealease is committed to doing everything possible to keep everyone healthy and focused so that we can meet any adversity head on and see it through to the other side.