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FMCSA Launches “Our Roads, Our Safety” Campaign

Still Plenty of Season Left

As we roll on through summer and with about a month left until Labor Day, it’s a good idea to keep road safety in mind. Traffic of all kinds has been heavy throughout the season; whether commercial or recreational, it’s been busy out on the highways and even the neighborhood streets.

To that end, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has launched the “Our Roads, Our Safety” campaign that is designed to highlight how everyone using the roadways shares responsibility for everyone else, as well as themselves.

This includes all of us, from people driving for a living to pedestrians strolling around town.

From Big Rigs to Little Ones

In the industry, we all know the unique challenges of driving a commercial truck. From big blindspots to bigger stopping distances and the need for wider turns, the larger road-going public doesn’t always consider these factors when they hit the streets.

The FMCSA’s website has lots of great information and best practices for you, your driving colleagues, as well as all your friends, loved ones and anyone who travels the roadways for any reason.

·  For fellow truck drivers, they’ve got 9 key reminders that range from defensive driving and constant vigilance, to avoiding fatigue, and even resisting your phone’s attempts to distract you.

·  For passenger vehicle drivers, they offer a full 10 tips that include being aware of blind spots for trucks and buses and anticipating their wide turns, as well being patient and not weaving in and out of slower traffic or stopping short of heavy loads.

·  They even have 7 smart tips that cover bicyclists and pedestrians to make sure they stay aware of their roles in safe use of all roadways by making themselves visible, as well as  staying alert and undistracted.

Another great feature of the “Our Roads, Our Safety” program is video interviews with different types of roadway users, where they share some of their professional and personal experiences while behind the wheel.

And, because it’s never too early to learn about road safety, they’ve included a section for kids where they can play educational games, download coloring books and activities, and Girl Scouts can even earn a patch sponsored by Women in Trucking.

All Bases Covered

Together with the Idealease Safety Bulletin for truck drivers titled “Summer Caution” that has information on everything from how heat can effect a truck’s tires to the challenges of construction season, the FMCSA Our Roads, Our Safety program, gives you everything you need to get safely through the summer months and beyond.

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