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Banning Distracted Driving: An Employer's Guide to Protect Employees and Liability

Distracted driving is any activity that diverts our attention from driving; this may include food/drink consumption, tuning the stereo, or talking/texting on a phone. About 10% of all traffic fatalities are caused by distracted driving.

Take the following actions to develop a stable No Distracted Driving policy for your employees:

  • Implement a clear policy indicating that the employer does not require employees to answer calls while they are on the road. This includes the employer placing calls to employees while they are driving. Require employees to pull over and stop their vehicles before placing or accepting any phone calls.
  • Encourage your employees to plan their trips to include stops so they can safely return calls and emails.
  • Establish company policy that makes it unnecessary for employees to text while driving to fulfill their job duties.
  • Eliminate any incentives that may encourage employees to text/talk while operating a vehicle.
  • Communicate your state's regulations and associated fines to employees.
  • Encourage employees to sign an antidistracted driving pledge.
  • Designate company vehicles as "distraction-free zones."

Ending distracted driving is everyone's responsibility. 
Visit the National Safety Council website to learn more.