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Whether it is precautions for COVID-19, or traveling precautions, there is a lot to keep in mind this Labor Day weekend.

AAA is predicting less people on the roadways this year because of COVID-19 and they are advising people who are traveling to check out COVID-19 stats and restrictions for their destination before heading out the door.

Holiday weekends usually mean traveling and socializing. While COVID-19 is keeping some people from doing that, it is not stopping others from heading out the door this weekend. AAA recommends having cleaning supplies wherever you go.

“Whether you decide to go to a state park, you’re going to be out and about exploring things. It’s important that when you get back in your vehicle too that you clean that down as well,” said AAA representative Montrae Waiters. And while it’s exciting to get together with friends and family during a holiday weekend, the pandemic still exists, and precautions needs to be taken. Wear a mask and stay socially distanced.

traveling during the pandemic


Have You Prepared Your Terminal Facility for Labor Day Weekend?

It is not uncommon for thieves to target truck terminals over the holidays as they know it is a good opportunity as no one is there. Make sure that you take extra precaution to secure the trucks and items of value at your terminal. If your units do not have anti-siphon devices or locking caps, instruct the drivers not to fill the units at the end of the day. Make sure that all security alarms are in working order. Walk the perimeter of the lot to make sure that security fencing is in good condition. Move units and all other material such as pallets, tires, etc. far enough away from the fence so they cannot be used to climb on to get over the fence. Consider blocking the entrance and exits to the lot so units cannot be stolen. Throughout the three-day weekend assign management personnel to check the terminal randomly. Using a little prevention and common sense can deter a thief from striking your facility.


CDC/TSA Extend Mask Mandate on Team Drivers to January 18, 2022

The Centers for Disease Control and the Transportation Security Administration have extended a mandate that requires persons to wear a mask over their mouth and nose “when traveling on conveyances into and within the United States” and also at “transportation hubs” as defined in the order.

The mask mandate is primarily aimed at passenger transportation by airplane and bus. The CDC order exempts “commercial motor vehicles or trucks as those terms are defined in 49 CFR 390.5, if the driver is the sole occupant of the vehicle or truck.”  This appears to mean that team drivers, or drivers and any other passengers, must wear masks over their mouth and nose whenever they are in the vehicle together.  But FMCSA has issued guidance stating, “Team drivers are not required to wear a mask in the cab of a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) if the vehicle occupants are individuals who all live in the same household and are the only persons in the vehicle. The CDC recently issued guidance expanding the exemption for solo drivers to include driving teams from the same household.”

The TSA is supposed to enforce this federal requirement as a security measure.  The TSA order has a similar exemption for solo CMV drivers. All drivers remain subject to applicable state and/or local mask mandates as well.

New National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners in the Works

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says it is revising its online National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners, which was hacked two years ago. The agency states that during this transition to the new registry, motor carrier users may continue to access the current National Registry until the new National Registry is complete.

For users who have created accounts and successfully migrated their National Registry account, current usernames and passwords will not be affected by this change.

For users who have not migrated their account, you have the opportunity to complete this action prior to the launch of the new National Registry.  To avoid suspension of your National Registry account, the FMCSA encourage you to create an account with and link to your National Registry account as soon as possible.

Step by step instructions including screenshots and a short video for establishing your account and linking your National Registry account are available on the “Help” page of the National Registry web site at the above link.