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The 4th of July holiday is a time to enjoy fireworks and show country pride but is also traditionally one of the more dangerous times on the road.  The news is saying that this will be the 2nd highest July 4th holiday on record with regards to citizens traveling.  With the pandemic many people have been “shelter in place” for a long time and are now ready to celebrate with the easing of restrictions in most states.  Many municipalities are already experiencing a higher-than-normal percentage of fireworks violations prior to the holiday.  Your drivers need to be on high alert when operating their units and be practicing their Smith5keys of defensive driving:

smith system

1. Aim High in Steering
Look 15 seconds into your future. (Do not just look at the vehicle in front of you)

2. Get the Big Picture
Look for Hazards. (Other Motorists, Pedestrians, Vehicle doors opening)

3. Keep Your Eyes Moving
Do not stare. (Use your peripheral vision) (Stop the fixed habit stare)

4. Leave Yourself an Out
Monitor the space cushion around you and your bike.

5. Make sure They See You
Use your signals- (Directionals, 4-Way Flashers, Head Lights, Brake Lights, Horn, Hand Signals) Make Eye Contact.

Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over

To keep families safe this Independence Day, law enforcement agencies will have increased enforcement focused on impaired driving during the 4th of July holiday period.

Drinking and driving is a bad combination, the consequences are abundantly clear, yet people still make the poor decision to drive after drinking. Please be smart and make this 4th of July holiday a fun and memorable one.

If you are headed to 4th of July parties, designate a sober driver before heading out for the evening. If you are hosting a party, offer nonalcoholic drinks for designated sober drivers and monitor who is drinking. See people leaving who have been drinking? Check how they are getting home. Offer to let them stay the night if a sober driver is not available to take them home. Driving with just a buzz does not cut it.  With the rise in ride-share options, there really is no excuse for driving impaired.

The average cost of a DUI arrest is approximately $13,500, accounting for vehicle impound fees, fines, attorney fees, auto insurance hikes and other penalties. Also, prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications and marijuana can all be impairing and land you a DUI, especially in combination with alcohol and/or other drugs.

Have You Prepared Your Terminal Facility for the 4th of July Holiday?

It is common for thieves to target truck terminals and truck dealerships over the holidays. Thieves know that holiday weekends are a good opportunity for a successful theft as the possibility exists for no one to be at your facility. Make sure that you take extra precaution to secure the trucks and items of value at your facility. If your units do not have anti-siphon devices or locking caps, instruct the drivers not to fill the units at the end of the day. Make sure that all security alarms and cameras are in working order. Walk the perimeter of the lot to make sure that security fencing is in good condition. Move units and all other material such as pallets, tires, etc. far enough away from the fence so they cannot be used to climb on to get over the fence. Review your security lighting to make sure it is operational and adequate.  Lighting can be obstructed by vehicles or trees allowing a thief a place to be unseen. Consider blocking the entrance and exits to the lot so units cannot be stolen. Throughout the three-day weekend assign management personnel to check the terminal randomly. Notify local law enforcement officials of your hours of operation over the holidays so they know when to expect activity at your location. Using a little prevention and common sense can deter a thief from striking your facility and disrupting your business!

CVSA places 1200 vehicles Out of Service in Brake Check

brake safety

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has reported that on April 27, 46 jurisdictions in Canada and the U.S. removed 1,290 commercial motor vehicles with brake-related critical vehicle inspection item violations from Canadian and American roadways. That is 14.1% of the 9,132 commercial motor vehicles inspected that day.

The unannounced one-day inspection and enforcement initiative, conducted by State and Provincial motor carrier safety enforcement agencies, focused specifically on the brake systems and components on commercial motor vehicles.

In addition, inspectors reported 1,534 brake hose and tubing violations.

Cargo Theft and 4th of July