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How did Winter Storm Uri significantly impact driver behavior?


From February 13-17, 2021, we experienced a major winter event which had a widespread impact across the US and Canada. Many fleets and drivers had to take actions on idle that severely impacted their fuel economy and reflected their ELEVATE™ scorecard.

The best thing you can do as a Fleet Manager is acknowledge the challenges your team(s) were faced with overcoming. Communicate your understanding of each situation. Rather than critique drivers that produced higher PTO hours, idle times, or lower fuel economy, celebrate the drivers who were able to maintain positive habits in the same regions. While this does offer grace to drivers who had higher spikes in driving events or other negative behaviors, it conveys the message that top drivers will find a way to climb the leaderboards.

The next step is to put that month’s results in the rearview mirror, and work with your team(s) to drive results back in line with your expectations. Spring is right around the corner and is the perfect season to make behavior adjustments with the help of nice weather.

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