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Spring is here! I see my fuel economy improving, so our drivers must be performing better, right?


Don’t confuse weather with progress. Along with spring comes improved KPI’s, but they aren't necessarily due to focused efforts on behavioral changes. Below are a couple of weather-based KPI Improvements.

MPG – Fuel economy has spiked over the past couple of months. As temperatures rise, summer diesel fuel blend starts making its way into the fuel stations and vehicles. As the summer blend burns more efficiently, naturally it improves your fuel economy, emerging from winter.

Idle % - Here is where habits may change. Drivers begin to appreciate the spring weather and usually turning their vehicles off in a timely manner. No Heaters are running, and there's no need to run the engine to warm the cab.

The key here is let your drivers know you see the idle % dropping. They aren’t focusing too hard but are showing improvement. This is where you can keep the discussion going as weather starts to warm up. Keep those Spring habits at the forefront. The weather helped improve the habit, however, coaching is needed to drive the improvements.

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