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My Scorecard is Missing Trucks


I have 10 trucks and drivers in my region, but only 9 showed up on the Scorecard. Where is my other truck?


When a vehicle is missing from the scorecard, it can be for a multitude of reasons. Some of the reasons are listed below, but if you know for certain the truck was being utilized, let your local Idealease representative know. They can confirm connection of the CyntrX device or call CyntrX Support to troubleshoot the issue.

Several reasons for a vehicle not reporting on the scorecard are listed below. Due to these reasons, we rely on customer assistance as to whether a vehicle should or should not be reporting.

  1. Truck wasn’t utilized by the customer (spare unit) that didn’t meet the minimum set miles.
  2. Unit was down for mechanical repairs for an extended period.
  3. Unit was down due to an accident.
  4. Data was corrupted. This is generally due to a disruption in service where the CyntrX device had been disconnected for some time and then reconnected.
  5. CyntrX device was unplugged.
  6. Cellular reception is spotty in select areas.
  7. CyntrX device is faulty resulting in lack of data feed.