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Idealease revolutionizes fleet operations with ELEVATE®, our proprietary Driver Performance System that improves driver safety and saves fleets millions of dollars in annual operating costs.

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What is the most frequent type of collision?


Most people already know that the most frequent collision type is the rear-end crash, but did you know that they account for approximately 29% of all accidents in the US, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration?

One of our goals with ELEVATE® Driver Performance System is to give Fleet Managers advanced notification that their drivers may be following too closely. We highlight driving event frequency in our monthly scorecards. If your entire fleet is averaging under 3 events per month, but you have 1 driver with 10x the average or more, that's your first clue that a discussion with this driver is needed.

Most drivers know the 3-second rule of thumb and to extend that 3 seconds further in wet or lower visibility conditions. However, if you use the information we provide and proactively work with your higher event drivers, we can prevent many incidents before they even occur.