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Do you have any tips on lowering idle during the summer, when it’s hot and humid?


Driver comfort and safety are obviously an important topic. Idealease Business Intelligence does not feel we should dictate expected idle in extreme circumstances.

However, we can explain what other customers may be experiencing in similar locations or climates. This information can elevate or advance your coaching discussions with drivers in these areas. An example might be as follows: customer A has an average idle of 17%, when customer B has an average idle of 23%, and the driver being coached has an average of 56%, all in the same region.

You might also find significant differences within your own fleet in one area. If Driver A is maintaining a 15% idle, Driver B yields 30% idle, and Driver C yields 60% idle, it makes for an easier discussion within your team.  Perhaps driver A has some best practices he/she can share with his/her peers. At the end of the day, you should utilize the data available to you, in order to improve your drivers’ performance.