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As I understand it, my vehicles have an Idle Shutdown Timer. If this engine parameter is set at 5 minutes, how is it that when I look at idle detail reporting, I have events that show idle in one spot for much higher than 5-minute increments?


If your driver leaves the vehicle running and exits the vehicle, it will shut off at the predetermined setting, assuming it is within the ambient temperature guidelines for the Idle Shutdown Timer to engage; Standard ambient temperature override is 30 degrees Fahrenheit and 81 degrees Fahrenheit.

If your driver remains inside the vehicle after 4 minutes, a dash light will come on to signify the engine is getting ready to shut off. At 4:30, it will start to flash or chime. If your driver notices, he can reset by hitting the brake or accelerator. This is how higher idle events show up even though there is a 5-minute setting.

Also, there may have been a request to disengage the Idle Shutdown Timer on certain vehicles by a manager or a driver. If you are unsure, please contact your Idealease location to confirm on certain units.