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Idealease revolutionizes fleet operations with ELEVATE™, our proprietary Driver Performance System that improves driver safety and saves fleets millions of dollars in annual operating costs.

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Some of my trucks do have a PTO function, so I should ignore PTO hours in the scorecard, right?


Well, management of these vehicles does become a little more difficult. What you need to understand in these situations is the business use of the vehicle. Here is an example: Your vehicle has a wet kit that operates off the PTO function. You know the job of the wet kit is to operate the Boom on your truck. You know the Boom is utilized on average of 20 hours per month (1 hour every workday). Yet, when you get your ELEVATE® scorecard, you see that vehicle had 130 PTO hours registered that month.

With this information, you can bring the driver in for a coaching session to discuss the extra PTO hours, as these hours came from an intentional act of keeping the vehicle running. Getting these PTO hours down is key in improving your fuel economy and minimizing wear and tear on your vehicle, providing you better uptime!