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Idealease revolutionizes fleet operations with ELEVATE®, our proprietary Driver Performance System that improves driver safety and saves fleets millions of dollars in annual operating costs.

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I am having trouble monitoring and modifying driver behavior. What are some tips that will help me get started?


Many fleets have begun to modify driver behavior but ended up falling short and lost momentum within their organization. The key is to communicate with your organization and team the clear expectations you have for your fleet. Over time these expectations will be engraved in your companies culture. Below are a few key points with which other fleets have seen success.

  • Create a telematics data metric baseline
    • Idealease created ELEVATE and the grading algorithm to set this baseline for you
  • Establish a structured driver training program
  • Hold regular reviews:
    • Review monthly scorecards
    • Provide drivers with feedback
    • Reward top and most improved drivers for positive advancements
  • Showcase scores for all drivers to increase peer pressure
  • Provide learning opportunities
    • Self-education
    • E-learning​​​​​
    • Driver to driver (peer) coaching
  • Create a positive company culture of safety and efficiency