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I look at my ELEVATE scorecard and see my low grade on the IST (Idle Shutdown Timer). I tell my team to fix this issue, but I’m not seeing much improvement. What have you seen that works for others?


For engaged customers that are willing to commit to coaching their top offenders for a short timeframe (4-8 weeks), we commit to providing them with weekly detailed data showing exactly where the occurrences are happening. Below is the Best Practice to that process.

  • Communicate to the entire team what the IST is, and that your expectation is zero occurrences, as there are no acceptable reasons to have any.
    • An IST happens when the vehicle shuts itself off after the 5-minute Idle Shutdown Timer expires.
    • The message is simple…. Turn the ignition off when you get to your location.
    • Be sure to praise the drivers that do not have any of these habits, and those who make quick improvements.
  • Advise the top five to seven offenders that you are getting a weekly report showing their data and the progress you expect.
  • Educate - If there is any confusion on what the IST is or when it is happening, sit down with them and show their detailed report in the spreadsheet.
  • View the details yourself to make sure this is driver behavior and not distribution personnel behavior.
    • This would be indicated by the time of day of the events at the distribution center. Are the drivers on site? Or is this a loading or warehouse personnel issue?