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Idealease revolutionizes fleet operations with ELEVATE®, our proprietary Driver Performance System that improves driver safety and saves fleets millions of dollars in annual operating costs.

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Best Practices to Drive Change

I recently had an interview with a customer who has experienced great success in driving performance and has shown a considerable amount of safety improvements throughout his fleet. This customer is one of our “Best-in-Class” performers, so I asked him how he utilizes the ELEVATE Scorecard each month.

Bill’s response was very simple: I don’t do it all myself. I review the scorecard when I receive it to find where our opportunities are. I hold a conference call with my local/regional managers to discuss the specific prospects. It may be a specific driver, or a location’s overall habits on a specific KPI such as IST (Idle Shutdown Timers). I spend maybe an hour or two each month doing this.

At that point it is in their hands to bring to the location or to the driver level. They know what the expectations are and recognize that we expect gradual improvements on the results found. They understand we will have a follow up call each month, and do not want to have to explain why the same unit/driver is having the same behaviors.

Take a few minutes with your team to let them know the importance this data has for you, your company, and the organization. Don’t just pass the scorecard each month as informational; work with them.