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Idealease Truck Fleet

Timely Replacement Cycles Conserve Capital

Border States Industries

Border States Electric has locations from coast to coast and are one of the largest employee-owned companies in America.  They distribute electrical supplies to a diverse number of industries including Commercial, Electrical Construction, Government, Industrial, Mining, Oil and Gas, Health Care and Utility.


Border States Electric runs a fleet of 289 heavy duty trucks.  They ran trucks with no disciplined replacement cycle and escalating maintenance costs in the past.  Year over year Border States continued to grow through acquisition.  The last acquisition was a large one and all capital (including truck) purchases were placed on hold.


Idealease proposed a Full Service Lease option that eliminated the need for capital outlay. Idealease duplicated their current truck spec and further enhanced that spec with additional best practice and safety features.  Idealease then worked with the customer to create a disciplined replacement program for their fleet in order to maximize their bottom line.


Border States was able to conserve necessary capital to complete the acquisition.  They replaced a large number of aging trucks and within budget.  They can now project future budgets accurately, because they are able to forecast exactly what their monthly lease expenses and maintenance expenses will be across the fleet.