Idealease General Manager

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Direct Report
Idealease Principal
Start Date
  1. Responsible for general management of the Idealease Lease and Rental Department.
  2. Provides a working profit within the department to fund future growth.
  3. Develop and implement an annual business plan including sales forecasts, budgets and quarterly projections.
  4. Develop and implement operating policies and procedures in conformance with company objectives.
  5. Maintain all lease and rental facilities,vehicles, signage and any other company assets in accordance with company standards. 
  6. Recruit and hire employees as business levels dictate.
  7. Safeguard company assets by maintaining strong internal controls.
  8. Review all company financial and operating statements and initiate corrective action for improvement in operations.
  9. Promote an atmosphere of cooperation, teamwork and good will with all employees within Idealease and the dealership.
  10. Conduct new customer orientation meetings.
  11. Coordinate annual customer safety meetings.


  1. Supervise and motivate the Idealease Service Manager, focusing on cost controls and customer satisfaction.
  2. Develop a full understanding of all maintenance resources available on the Idealease Resource Center, specifically warranty items, “Best Practices” and “Life Cycle” cost programs.
  3. Review the manpower needs and scheduling with the Idealease Service Manager on a regular basis.
  4. Monitor inventories of parts, tires, lubricants and fuel to ensure all items are accounted for correctly and within forecasted and budgeted levels.
  5. Monitor warranty programs and warranty recovery.
  6. Review monthly financial, income statements and reports with the Idealease Service Manager. 
  7. Develop and initiate corrective actions as necessary.
  8. Monitor and review customer service and satisfaction levels on a continual basis with the Idealease Service Manager.
  9. Approval of and involvement in all large repairs prior to work being performed.

Lease & Dedicated Maintenance Sales

  1. Supervise and motivate sales personnel in securing new business.
  2. Establish an annual marketing plan in conformance with the annual business plan and budget.
  3. Establish a rating policy and procedure for sales personnel to utilize when proposing new FSL and DM business.
  4. Establish goals and quotas for all sales personnel, reviewing on a regular basis.
  5. Approve any new contracted business.
  6. Assist in lease sales production as required with key accounts.
  7. Communicate regularly with large volume lease and rental customers.