Dedicated Facility

Do you have the scale to run your own maintenance shop cost effectively?

Many customers who own large fleets and have invested in their own maintenance facilities, parts, tooling, and technicians are looking for new ways to improve vehicle uptime and reduce costs.

When truck maintenance is not a core competency of your business, it’s a smart move to transfer that responsibility to Idealease—the truck maintenance experts. Our Dedicated Facility program lets you leverage our maintenance expertise and outsource the management of fleet maintenance.

With our Dedicated Facility program, Idealease will manage the entire fleet maintenance process from preventive and scheduled services to 24/7 Roadside Assistance, and much more. Idealease employs highly skilled, manufacturer-certified technicians who use the best practices in maintenance to keep your equipment running at peak performance. All major repairs are typically supported by the International® Truck dealership affiliated with the local Idealease operation where additional technical expertise is available.

Idealease places a service supervisor at your location. We hire the optimum number of service technicians needed to support your fleet, and we provide them with industry-leading training and opportunities for career advancement. Idealease typically purchases your shop tools and equipment—and when appropriate, your parts inventory. The Idealease team builds a strong relationship with your fleet department and establishes effective communications on vehicle performance with your drivers and company management.

Talk to Idealease about our expert Dedicated Facility programs that reduce cost, improve vehicle uptime, and allow you to focus even more attention on serving your customers and growing your business.

Other Services Available to Idealease Customers

  • Dedicated Maintenance
  • Mobile Service (at designated locations)
  • Periodic state and federal inspections
  • Idealnet 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Idealease Fleet Services
    • Idealease Fuel Card with U.S. and Canada fuel tax reporting
    • Vehicle licensing, permitting, legalization
    • Motor Vehicle Report Service
    • Telematics Services
  • Idealsafe Safety & Compliance training and consultation
  • Driver training to reduce driver turnover
  • Replacement rental vehicles
  • Discounted rental vehicles